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Handpainted, Dotted, Retro, Hippy, Floral Planter, OOAK


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Retro, Floral, Handpainted, Dotted, Flowerpot, Planter, OOAK


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Dotted Floral Planter/Pot- Handpainted, dotted retro, floral. Special purchase, OOAK


Item collection 5a13f4fa 9555 49cd 95fe 07de5af40e78

Dotted Floral Planter/Pot-Special Purchase, Retro, Funky, Handpainted, OOAK


Item collection 5ed17883 e7b6 4dc9 96fa 675b54ce957c

CLEARANCE-Pink Floral, handpainted, dotted, mandala bowl, repurposed vintage, 6 inch, OOAK


Item collection b25653c7 1023 4977 a88a 7c3c555fb2eb

CLEARANCE "A Tisket-A Tasket", handpainted, re-purposed, vintage, wooden bowl


Item collection dac00161 f500 4baa b5a3 60235aed9894

Snowberry- Repurposed, recycled, hand painted, vintage, wooden ,low bowl. Mid size, OOAK


Item collection 5b3e7ef0 eff5 414a b5c4 448e89536585

Snowberry-repurposed vintage, wood bowl, Large, Shaker Style-OOAK


Item collection 5da64aae 2867 4050 8079 3e7bacaebc54

SALE-"Snowberry"- re-purposed, vintage, wooden, footed bowl, OOAK


Item collection 0ab78eda 8fb8 4a71 8e77 e9ce3160b348

"Snowberry"- repurposed, vintage, wooden cheese & cracker platter, server, OOAK


ALJ Designs Too! because everything deserves a second chance...

Hi! Thanks for stopping in. I am currently a full time artist, putting all of my time into placing little dots vintage wares. When I find an item that speaks to me, I pick it up, take it home, dust it off and let inspiration take over each design
All items are hand painted by me. Each dot is placed by means of paint brush or any tool I can find to create the many sizes I select!