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"Orange Grove"-Turk inspired 7 inch plate, repurposed, dotted, OOAK art dish


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"Lavender Fields" Turk inspired round plate, 7 inches, OOAK, dotted art dish


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CLEARANCE "Maize" repurposed, hand painted, dotted, vintage art bowl, OOAK


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CLEARANCE "November"-repurposed, vintage, wooden, server, divided leaf dish, OOAK


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CLEARANCE- "Chocolate Berry"- repurposed, vintage cheese/cake server with glass dome, OOAK


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Repurposed, dotted, vintage, mandala art bowl. OOAK


Item collection 692940ab f37c 41a2 b739 c46edc3763c6

Repurposed, dotted, vintage wooden bowl, mandala in blue & turquoise, 6 x 2"


Item collection e7a6595a 9233 4b6f b672 8dbd06cc5d8c

"Frozen"-repurposed, hand painted, dotted, wooden bowl, OOAK, On Sale


Item collection 56698f5a 4562 4d97 9a72 ff50699f60c1

"By the Sea"-hand painted, dotted, repurposed, vintage art plate, ON SALE OOAK


ALJ Designs Too! because everything deserves a second chance...

Hi! Thanks for stopping in. I am currently a full time artist, putting all of my time into placing little dots vintage wares. When I find an item that speaks to me, I pick it up, take it home, dust it off and let inspiration take over each design
All items are hand painted by me. Each dot is placed by means of paint brush or any tool I can find to create the many sizes I select!